A ‘Grand’ Time


Grandparents are amazing beings. They have an infinite amount of love and patience for their grandchildren. They have special signals and inside jokes that the parents don’t quite understand. They sing songs and read as many stories as you want before bed. They give you Splasher’s gum after you brush your teeth and pull gummy candies out of shower curtains (I loved that, Grandma.) And they give the best hugs.

Paul was lucky enough to have his grandparents stay with him for 5 weeks these past two months. They came over Christmas break so they could be here for Christmas, Paul’s birthday and New Year’s. Since it’s such a long trip over, it made sense that they just stay for a longer time to balance out the travel.

IMG_5849 IMG_5785 IMG_5955

I was a little nervous about how we would all fit into our little Shekou apartment, but it was a perfect fit. Paul graciously shared his room with Ron and Angie and with a little shuffling we all had some closet space.

We were super busy for the winter break (see previous blog about Winter Break) so when school started, I think Ron and Angie were happy to take a break and just hang out. Unfortunately, I got hit with the flu. It was a blessing to have them in town when that happened because I was useless. They took care of Paul and Donnie while I was out of commission.

In spite of work and sickness, we did manage to whisk Ron and Angie away for a weekend in Malaysia. It was a really easy trip. Ferry to the HK Airport, plane to Kota Kinabalu, shuttle to the hotel. We stayed in the Borneo Beach Villas, in a small house right on the beach. It’s attached to a bigger resort so we could go swimming or eat or play at the resort if we wanted to. But our little house had it’s own pool attached, patio and a kitchen. The weather was perfect, sunny and hot.

IMG_6055  IMG_6057 IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6064 IMG_6082

We mostly just laid around, ate lots of food and enjoyed each others’ company and relaxed. It was such an easy getaway, that I think we may go back sometime next year. I never really considered visiting Malaysia, but I think I’d like to explore it more.

For the rest of the time Ron and Angie were in town, they mostly hung out with Amy at home and played trains or planes with Paul. It was heaven for Paul and we loved having Ron and Angie also. It was hard when they left (it’s only been a week since they had to leave), but it’s good to know we’ll see them this summer and they have lots to take care of at home too.

We miss you Grammy and Papa! Thanks for visiting us in China. 🙂 You are welcome any time.

Love to all.

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