A Few Words of Welcome

Hello all.

Some of you have been reading my blogs for years, welcome back. If you’ve never read my blogs, welcome. If you want to read our other adventures, they are linked on the About page. This blog is a journal of our lives specifically started when we moved (or started planning to move) overseas. I keep it as a place to store memories (other than my brain) because reading back over my past entries makes see how much I do forget about past events. It’s fun to re-live moments, smile because the pain is past now, and smile because the memories are so meaningful and sweet to us.

I have been keeping a blog for each year, except for my first blog which only documented a summer. From now on, I will not create a new blog for each year. I don’t post as much as I used to and I want to compile it all in one place now. I will also be using it as a place to blog about more than just events; I hope to have more themed posts about things in our lives not necessarily related to specific events. We’ll see how that goes.

Thank you in advance for reading and I welcome comments or sharing experiences. I love it when people say that they are reading my blog. I like sharing these moments with friends and family who I are not in my daily life. (You are, just in spirit.)

Love to all.



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