Summer of…

My friend Jessica wrote me last night, and to quote her, “Can’t wait to find out what this is the ‘summer of.’ ” I couldn’t agree more.

We both had our last days of school today and it’s been a wild ride this school year. I, personally, am so exhausted. Usually I am energized by the last day of school and ready to bound into summer. Today, I’m ready to bound into bed. But we survived, and next year HAS to be better.

But back to summer…it’s starting. Finally. Unlike last summer, this summer promises to be filled with hot days in the sun with lots of people we love. Starting with my sister who arrives this weekend!

The month leading up to this has been filled with house projects and work. Paul and I did get the chance to join his Cub Scout troupe for their annual camping trip at a camping resort in Albania. It’s actually located across the lake from the house we lived in for the summer of 2019. It was a super cool set up. I stayed in a tree house (elevated cabin) while Paul camped in a tent with his friends. We arrived Friday night and Paul took off to play with his friends. I settled in and hung out with the parents until very late. On Saturday, I had most of the day to myself because Paul was out kayaking and swimming with his friends. We all gathered to have the traditional crossing over ceremony and then had a campfire before turning in early that evening. On Sunday, Donnie came to pick us up after a delicious breakfast and swimming. We drove home tired, but happy.

The next weekend we headed back to Bar to receive all the furniture that Donnie had been shopping for while we were camping. It was due to arrive that Saturday, so we hung around the house and pool and enjoyed the new paint job. We even watched some of the Eurocup on the side of the house since our TV hadn’t been delivered! We finished most of our projects, and set up the last couple to be done. We were late leaving that day, but luckily the borders weren’t too bad. We haven’t been back since, so we have some work to do when we arrive this weekend before our guests arrive. The furniture looks amazing though. It’s much nicer than the starter furniture we’ve had in there for the past year.

Then it was Father’s Day weekend, and we decided to travel to North Macedonia to say goodbye to some friends that are moving to Astana. They started at the QSI school there at the same time as we did, so we’ve all been through a lot together. We haven’t got to see them as much as we’d like (thanks COVID), but knowing how small the world actually is, I’m sure we’ll see them again. We were too busy having a good time to take any pics. 😦 After some shopping, and me not feeling my best due to overindulgence, we headed home and had a super chill Father’s day. We grilled, I got Donnie a REAL cheesecake, and he got me some SUPs for the summer!

These weeks have been long and short at the same time. It’s been hot and not easy to deal with considering we have no AC. We’ve been going for family walks and eating at our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood.

I’m so happy to be starting the summer! I hope it is the summer of…




playing hard

sun (but no sunburns)

beach days

long runs


Much love to all, J

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